Project Management

We at Whalen Property Management are a hands-on home and property caretaking service serving the Hamptons and Eastern Long Island.

Whether you own a secondary residence, weekend retreat or you are just away on vacation, you want piece of mind that your home is being taken care of even though you may not be living there year round. We understand that your residence is your home and our objective is to look after your home when you are not able to, just like it is our very own. Our weekly home inspection evaluates your home for any noticeable problems and those that are not so obvious.

After your first home inspection we create a comprehensive checklist to document each weekly inspection. Our main objective is to prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

We also offer additional services to help make maintaining your home worry free. By providing home maintenance and repair services, we can save you time and money. Our goal is to provide you with piece of mind while caring for one of your most important investments…your home.

Listed below is a sample of the services we provide. Naturally, your home’s personalized checklist can always be customized to meet your requirements.

  • Initial evaluation your home for any obvious problems or needed repairs. Document all findings.
  • Consultation with homeowner to compose inspection checklist
  • Create checklist for weekly home inspection
  • Check for leaks on all water sources (sinks, commodes, tubs, showers, icemakers, washing machine and hot water heater).
  • Run water in all sinks, tubs, showers and flush commodes.
  • Check that phone lines, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors (change batteries if needed) and alarms systems (if applicable) are in working order.
  • Check for tripped circuit breakers in electrical panel.
  • Check that refrigerators, freezers and icemakers are in working order and running.
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked and secure.
  • Check and empty dehumidifier (if applicable)
  • Check for rodents and insects.
  • Inspect exterior of home for any damage (roofing and gutters), electrical malfunctions, frozen pipes and leaks, etc.
  • Inspect property for any damage or vandalism.

We can also provide the following services:

  • Storm preparation including securing outdoor furniture and post storm clean up.
  • Home winterization.
  • Emergency alarm response.
  • Open/close for service appointments

Please keep in mind if damage is ever discovered or repairs are needed, digital pictures and/or video will be provided to you at no additional charge.